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  1. The Best Steak House Reviews

    3020 E Kalamazoo St
    Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (4 Reviews)

    Review by Matt C.
    Sketch. This is one sketchy place.


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    With a severe lack of places to get a decent steak in Lansing, my brother and I decided to try “The Best Steak House.”…
    Rating: 2

    Review by Lorraine H.
    Okay, so its not pretty. Low “drop” ceiling, fluorescent lights. The place is kind of church-basement-y in a cozy sorta way. The chalkboard menu is to the…
    Rating: 4

    Review by Bethycorn Y.
    weve driven past this apparent dump for years now trying to muster up the balls to go in and order something. after a few comments from friends and some…
    Rating: 3

  2. Vallarta Supermarket Reviews

    312 W Willow St
    Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (3 Reviews)

    Review by Jenn B.
    Vallarta was the only place I could find passion fruit pulp anywhere in the Lansing area (and please, correct me if I am wrong about this :) ). I checked…
    Rating: 3

    Review by Bryan K.
    Am a recent transplant from central Ohio and was making tacos carnitas w/ salsa verde(and other yummy garnishes..)and needed queso cotija to complete the…
    Rating: 4

    Review by Matt C.
    I went to this grocery store because a friend told me they had lard. And they did…. heaping blocks of it. I just dont know if it is hydrogenated or…
    Rating: 3



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